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Partnering with St. Louis roofing, siding, window and door contractors for 35 years.

Who can you trust?  That’s the most important question. Contractors from all over recognize Crown C Supply as THE name in St. Louis Roofing Materials. They also know that Crown C Supply is a trusted source for more than just roofing supplies … they have come to count on us for a wide selection of doors, windows and siding … all under one roof.

So what’s the basis of that trust?

Crown C Supply believes that our job is to help you do your job. That includes having the right materials; whether it’s for residential or commercial applications. And it’s more than just having the right materials.

It’s about having them when you need the, where you need them and at a competitive price.

Call us today. Request a quote. Or just drop by and have a cup of coffee and talk with one of expert customer service reps. 

If you’re looking for supplier partner who truly understands your business, then Crown C Supply is here for you. Always has been. Always will be.