Crown C Supply Warehouse

The Crown C Supply Warehouse is big enough to have just about everything you need for your job.

The Crown C Supply Warehouse – all  75,000+ square feet of interior space and growing – We have a lot of the things you need on hand every day, and the ability to hold and store whatever materials you order for your job when you’re ready to start, and not before.

Contractors have know that the Crown C Supply Warehouse is the best in St. Louis. Don’t take our word for it; come in and look around for yourself. You’re always welcome and our helpful staff is ready to provide assistance.

(314) 645-4640 ext 118

Crown C Help Warehouse Hours

Winter Hours: 7am – 5pm Monday – Friday
Summer Hours: 6:30am – 5pm Monday – Friday
Saturday Hours (March 1 – November 19th) 8am – Noon